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Here's a thought 6 11, 11:47pm

@minimilk Hmmmm...
Or option 3 we can try to prevent the changes to become so huge that the impact will create the worst crisis humanity (and life as a whole) ever experienced WHILE trying to adapt to the changes we already provoked. And for that I believe a little bit of yelling is necessary (even though I don't necessarily agree with Greta Thunberg on every turn). But going on with business as usual until it is too late and humanity's population is doomed to decline to a meager percentage of what it is today all the while wiping off the earth a gazillion of species is a little irresponsible...
Also "Whether or not mankind will survive is a different matter, but life as such will continue on earth. " is true, but is precisely why Greta Thunberg and co. are angry with the world : because they think they have the right to go on living on this earth in a better way that our ancestors did some hundred of years ago.

I won't expand on the boat discussion because I globally agree with you and the fact that technology is NOT going to save mankind, be it a modern plane or a futuristic yacht with solar pannels...

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