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Picking and choosing 13 11, 12:40am

@stevep59 Yes, you have lots of errors and assumptions there.

The EU has no stake if you succeed or fail. They suffer a larger economic hit if you fail. If they wanted to make the UK fail, they wouldn't have granted an extension and simply crashed you out with no deal. Contrary to paranoia, they are being far more tolerant of the UK's political mess than I would be.

You get what you elect. Don't blame the politicians. Blame the people who elect them. They didn't get in via magic. If you don't like the system, and first past the post is a horrible system, then put in fairer ranked or proportional voting.

Then as a liberal democrat, why aren't you supporting yearly referendums to verify the will of the electorate every year? Also, since I never said I support the soviet union, I think the proper response would be... Fuck you? I think? Go fuck yourself? Go fuck... your cow? Fuck something.

Sure you do. I have zero doubt that britain will eventually recover. I think it will be a balkanized, hollow shell of itself if it leaves as it's been trying to leave. Here's the thing: I don't care if Britain stays in the EU or leaves. What I care is HOW Britian stays or leaves. I care about the process, because the process employed will determine the harm that is inflicted.

And by the by... why the hell wouldn't you want to be Europe's Texas to Germany's California? Do you have any idea how much political, social, and economic power you're pissing away? Sure. Go be your own thing, but before you do, ask why Britain fought tooth and nail to get INTO the EEC in the first place before you rush to get out of it. Because I guarantee you're not going to get a second opportunity to join.

Also, I have this great thing call intelligence that lets me criticize fucked up situations, both foreign AND domestic!