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Picking and choosing 13 11, 6:00pm


Well that's a lot of idiotic hatred and stupidity. Pity you don't have any wisdom else you wouldn't have produced a pile of crap like that. Cruder than I would normally reply but then you reap what you sow.

If you knew anything about British politics you would know a lot of people have been pushing for a more democratic system for generations. However the flaws which make it so bad are what makes it attractive for corrupt vested interests. [In that way its like the EU on steroids]. Unless your arguing that reformers should be planning some sort of military coup its got to be done via the political process and that is bloody tough, even before the only major party pushing for it decided it preferred repeated attempts at political suicide as it got more fanatic and extreme.

Sorry the position of Germany right hand is already taken. What we want is to govern ourselves and set rules that suit British culture and systems rather than an alien bloc that has continued to insult and lie to and about us and screw as much out of us as it can. This isn't something the imperialists are happy about but then fuck the parasitical little scum, to use your language.

If your not willing to discuss matters in a responsible and adult manner then get lost.