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Saddest Party 11 12, 2:31am

@Hinoron , the only at least somewhat war-torn country in Europe is Ukraine. And even that wasn't torn at all when I visited it. There's a war in the very easternmost 5% of the country, plus the southernmost about 5% are under occupation by a foreign country, but there is no noteworthy danger taking place outside those areas. And the location of those areas has remained stable for half a decade now.

India has larger areas under war, and nobody would call it "war-torn". The simple reason for "some war-torn countries" being more popular is that Humon is using a very liberal definiotion for the phrase "war-torn" here. I loved my stay in Ukraine, and because of the war at its eastern front has clipped 75% off its currency's value, it's cheaper to visit than India at the moment! A nice plus in a very hospitable country with very interesting history.