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Home Sweet Home 27 12, 12:02pm

I HAVE lived with a constant drunk with no sense of responsibility not too dissimilar (but far less charming) than this stereotype Denmark. I do not recommend the experience.
Not only was his entire life spent in only two states, drunk or unconscious, but he also did not believe in the importance of bathing... like ever. We had to ask him to keep his bedroom door shut so the stench didn't drift out to the rest of our rooming house.
Once he wanted to borrow a screwdriver from me while I was out. He was plainly told I'd be back in 20 minutes, but broke into my room for it anyway. When I did get home, he spent about 2-5 minutes trying to explain to me how it was MY own fault he broke in because I didn't have a more robust lock.
The only person who could get him to cooperate with anything was our landlady, I believe because she was very "mom-like" to his perception. She talked him into showering once (I have never been less upset to have someone else use my soap and shampoo).
He was eventually evicted... though in fact he was told by her to leave and went without much complaint (which, compared to other people we've had to boot out over the years, was actually surprisingly civil).