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Shoes on shoes off 28 1, 12:56am

@Tarmaque I, too, grew up in the PNW. But I ran around a lot without shoes. The bees weren't that much of an issue; they didn't want to get stepped on any more than you wanted to step on them; only bumblebees were slow enough to not get out of the way, and they are gigantic so you could usually see them.

At our house there was no specific rule about wearing shoes or not in the house; the neighbor kids would wear their shoes in our house, but, as I indicated above, I was often barefooted outside, much less inside.

My grandfather was a farmer (and grandmother was an avid gardener), so they had a mudroom (off the kitchen) where they always took off their shoes before entering the house proper. Most family did as well. Only visitors actually entered through the front door, and they, generally, did not take off shoes when coming in.

Now I live on the east side of the mountains where there is cheatgrass and goat heads in abundance. No one ever goes around (except, perhaps, int heir own yard) barefoot. Our house is a mostly shoes off house, in no small part because my wife is Filipina, but generally we let guests do as they please. It is very common for people to ask if they should take thier shoes off, though.