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Shoes on shoes off 11 2, 3:04am

@ryttyr Well, mud isn't too much of an issue except in rural areas. In most places you almost have to go out of your way to find mud as everyone has concrete or grass to their front door and in the driveways. Businesses have paved parking lots with concrete to their doors. The roads of even the smallest towns are paved. So our shoes don't really get dirty. Shoes will have water on them, but it is easily wiped off on a rug at the front door and they won't drip after a good stomp. Most people do check their shoes as they will get yelled at for leaving a trail. Every so often someone with dried mud on their shoes might leave some behind, but that isn't hard to clean. I don't think I've ever seen someone leave dirty footprints on carpet before... probably because of the reaction you'll get if you do. Probably the only down side has been gum which doesn't mix with carpet. Kids don't always think to check under their shoes before walking in.