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I know gun-fu 22 2, 7:35pm

@JOL Let's ignore the whole ''Clarity'' in your post and focus on the facts.
Guns are like dynamite, we don't make dynamite illegal, however used by untrained or not locked away from untrained hands is a real issue. Making it laws in several nations for people in police positions and so on, to have a special type of box that the gun must be placed in, both when on duty and not. (When on duty it is locked inside the police car.)

You're talking about the freedom of everyone to be able to defend themselves through generall access to firearms. We're talking about statistically reducing the number of misfires, mentally ill gaining firearms and basically less ''dynamite'' in a society.

Unless you stop making the assumption that western europe does not have the very laws many in the US are fighting for, it is naturally that you will consider them delusional. Norwegians have weapons, yes, weapons for hunting typically not for self defense, and especially not AR15s.