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I know gun-fu 23 2, 1:51am

@JOL today, maybe. Well, not the safer part, but the ease of use. In the past 100 years.

Even during the middle ages many cities banned weapon cariage in cities and such. Because people kill eachother. With whatever they can. Even then they knew that more and easier to use do not make society safer.

Upon the invention of firearms melee weapons did not become obsolete. In fact, it took roughly up to the US civil war for melee weapons to fade out. If early firearms were so good that would have happened a lot sooner, in stead of after what? 300 or so years of development? The main issue with firearms for the longest time has been accuracy and rate of fire. The moment you pull the trigger you effectively have a big, unwieldy club. Assuming you even hear a BANG in stead of a very satisfying CLICK. Then you must shift your focus to reloading/troubleshooting said unwieldy club to make it do BANG again. Or run. Or die. Or both. Highly impractical really.