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I know gun-fu 23 2, 4:32pm

@cmL @cmL AR-15s were legal last I checked, though I did hear Stortinget had introduced a bill banning semi-automatic weapons, that was expected to pass easily. It goes back to the valid point @DutchToSwede made in his reply: Unless faced with a lone attacker and a pretty good shot under pressure, firing a single-shot gun immediately reduces it to a clumsy ineffectual melee weapon--that a bigger stronger attacker can and will still easily take away and use as a bludgeon of their own. The problem, and I concede it is largely an American problem, is not that everyone has access to the wrong KINDS of guns, but that the wrong KINDS of people have access to every gun. That is why is is vitally important to ensure that only people PROVEN legally incompetent by reason of DOCUMENTED criminality, mental illness or youth are categorically disqualified: Everyone else is qualified and entitled as long as they first get equally well documented training in safe ownership and use of their weapon.