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I know gun-fu 23 2, 4:43pm

@Lidonious Had you read what I said, you would know that was not it. Swedes like guns too: They rank 22nd in the world (out of 230) in per capita gun ownership, which is top 10%. That is NOT why Sweden ALSO ranks 50th (out of 230) in per capita homicide, just outside the bottom 20%. MOST countries with the highest per capita gun ownership AND lowest per capita homicides are Western European democracies:

Americas problem is not that all people have access to the wrong kinds of guns, but that all guns are available to the wrong kinds of people. The proof is that most of Europe has plenty of guns without becoming a killing field, simply because it goes to great lengths to 1) prevent all people untrustworthy with ANY weapon obtaining any and 2) ensure ALL people who do obtain guns first obtain training to own and use them properly.