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I know gun-fu 23 2, 5:15pm

@celtic_twilight Texas used to have them all over, though I am a bit surprised there were still places that had them recently enough a 29-year-old was enrolled in one, much less a MANDATORY one (that part is new to me as well.) My dad used to tell me that when he was in high school in TX in the '50s some kids (i.e. the few with vehicles) drove their pickups to school with rifles racked in the rear window--and no one got shot, because people who had guns were taught to respect them, in turn because people who could not or would not respect guns were not allowed to have them. He and my mother also talked about how their parents would routinely leave their loaded hunting rifles securely propped in a corner, yet no one got shot--because all the kids knew guns are not toys and that if they so much as LOOKED at that rifle they would be unable to sit down for a week.