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I know gun-fu 3 3, 9:57pm

On your first point, if someone has gotten close enough, to not give you the time to open a locker and get the gun. Have one even managed to assess if it's a real threat?

Yeah that's bullshit. ''When everyone has guns, everyone knows more about how to handle guns.'' is a (in lack of better comprehension of English) a lousy argument.

As there is a difference between. ''Learning by doing, and learning by requirement for wielding''

As in learning by doing involves making mistakes and adjusting accordingly. And unless you count a 10 minute ''Don't point the gun at people.'' lesson by a salesmen/neighbour/friend/Family member as enough training. People will be make mistakes, and as any mistakes involving something of explosive power, there will be fatalities.

Just to point out just how different the two of us are on the priority of safety, Norway are strongly considering banning selling fireworks to untrained or not publicly authorized as they are hurting themselves. This limits personal freedom, but it will decrease the number of blind or near blind people every year as a result of accidents.

We did ban the ''Rockets'' fireworks and now only have Ground fireworks, and it has had a significant impact on reducing the amount of eye injuries every year. There are still a few, and therefore we consider banning the last bits as well. Replacing it with a public fireworks display instead.