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@minando Yeah it's clearly a joke not a fact.
@muumipipo Census Bureau Reports at Least 350 Languages Spoken in U.S. and at least 20% of California and Texas are bilingual in Spanish and English. That's 20% of nearly 70 million citizens. But the average of 20% bilingual is pretty much the U.S.A. average, just that in California and Texas it's overwhelmingly Spanish. Next most populous second language is Mandarin, at about 2% the population. My grandparents and older aunts and uncle spoken Slovak and my maternal grandpa spoke Italian. We are a nation of immigrants. There are a lot of different languages that Americans speak as a second language.

Maybe the fact is that most Americans don't learn their second language from schooling but rather speak it at home and use English in public. I know my grandma always stressed about integrating and fitting in and refused to speak anything but English outside the home.

Also, the comment about Alabama is clearly insult to regional dialects of the people there. As in implying since they speak "funny" it is not a real language and therefore are stupid. Though test scores and the education there is not good, that doesn't mean a person can't speak a language that is native to them. They teach English in schools not Cajun or Creole or any other of many unique languages and dialects.

America wearing England's shirt