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How liberating 14 5, 9:06pm

@RalphieRaccoon As an '80s Punk Rock guy, I can tell you that Neo-Nazis are really nasty people. Punk Pock was always an anti-authoritarian genre of hard-rock enjoyed by a rather ballsy and outspoken lot who generally sides with social justice. Then Neo-Nazis came along wanting to hijack the genre, pretend that black people had nothing to do with Rock-N-Roll, and change the meaning of "Punk Rock" to "White Power Rock". They also like to do (which is wholly un-punk rock) is to cry crocodile tears at naive moderates (the local news, daytime talk shows, centrists politicians -- basically, anyone who likes to spout "Can we all get along?" or "If you cant say nice things...") to garner public sympathy.

While a punch in the face between two-people (even between friends) is considered "free speach" in the punk rock community, Neo-Nazis like to go further with it. They like to gang-up on someone and "curb-stomp" (using the street curb to brake teeth and jaws) on random people they do not like, and they will actively kill non-white people to earn their "bloodlace" (red shoelaces that denotes a deadly hate-crime). Everything always gets escalated when they rear their ugly heads, and punk-fans had to take drastic actions (short of murder) to keep them away from the scene.

With everything I know and see of them, I have zero sympathy for Nazis. They are nothing more than murderous, delusional bastards with nothing to offer to this world then lots of needless and pointless death, destruction, subjugation and conformity.