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We’re gonna need a bigger boat 3 7, 4:49am

It's an old story, but it always leaves out what happens to the fisherman's family if he doesn't catch enough the next day, or if there's a medical emergency, or if his kids want to pursue an education.

It's important to remember that the only importance money has is that it enables the things that are important. Health is more important than money, but you aren't going to be healthy without paying for medical care and a varied diet. Family is more important than money, except it's extremely hard to keep a family together without the most basic of necessities, to say nothing of the actual financial cost of raising a kid these days. Self respect is important, but it's a lot easier to respect yourself when you have enough money that you have the option of not doing something you'd rather not do. Love is incredibly important, but curiously, love seems to be more difficult without money.

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