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We’re gonna need a bigger boat 3 7, 5:12am

@CorruptUser you are assuming "what I need" means "bare minimum", maybe the fisherman's "what I need" includes a margin allowing him to save up for rainy days? It's also worth noting that fish spoils easily & preserving it takes time and money, meaning you can't really fish multiple days' worth in a day "just in case" with any regularity.

Then we come to the sustainability, producing extra for the sake of being able to produce even more extra isn't sustainable & it has been proven time and time again that people who increase their work load so they can hire people so they can get even more work done (which to a business owner only increases the work load & if they hire others to do the work for them they need to expand even more to make enough money to pay for others to do all the work, and even then they need to keep an eye on their employees because if something happens it's the business owner who's on the hook), aren't exactly the happiest people in the world, so in case of a fishing empire, this vicious cycle is all but guaranteed to wreak havoc on the fish populations which over time means being forced to downsize the business which is never fun to anyone, and by the time the downsizing starts the fisherman who started it all is probably burned out & may not have a penny more in his pockets afterwards than he had before he got the bright idea to start expanding his business.

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