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We’re gonna need a bigger boat 3 7, 10:49am


Except in the story I've seen, the fisherman is in Brazil, which isn't known for a generous welfare system. And in the western countries that are not America, and also the country that is America, the rents/property tax and income tax/VAT are high enough that the fisherman is already busting his ass just to make ends meet even without spending on the frivolous things.

I mean, sure we all could give up new cellphones, keep our clothes until even patches won't keep them together, only heat our homes to 55F in the winter and forgo AC in all but the most extreme of times, not bother with television and cable bills, take public transportation instead of owning a car, etc, but even then a blue collar worker such as a fisherman would still need to work 15-20 hours a week WITHOUT kids to feed.

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