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We’re gonna need a bigger boat 3 7, 5:44pm

@CorruptUser "And in the western countries that are not America the rents/property tax and income tax/VAT are high enough that the fisherman is already busting his ass just to make ends meet even without spending on the frivolous things"
Nope, America is cheaper than Finland & wages are higher, yet somehow Americans whose cost of living is lower & "low wages" are double what would be paid here, Americans pay more taxes than I do & still need to pay out the nose for even the most basic health care, the truth is USA isn't taxing the people any less than the "communist utopias" you guys always rant about, what USA *IS* doing that the rest of the world isn't is force the people to pay for their own health care & brainwash the people into believing that laws guaranteeing everyone eligibility to health insurance is evil.

America wearing England's shirt