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We’re gonna need a bigger boat 5 7, 3:33am

@MiskisM This is the best way of thinking about it. He's made enough to cover ends meet as well as comfort.

In fact, because of the person wanting to make even more, they've made it that much harder for the original fishermen to simply fish for their needs and a little extra.
Now instead they have to work for someone making even less ends meet who also makes a helluva lot more than they do, and promotes overfishing because excess is the name of the game in industry where you don't know how much will sell.

Not only did the business man choose a round about path of being able to finally relax, he also ruined everything for literally everyone else.

Industry doesn't have to be that way, but when the motivation is aggressive expansion for the sake of excess product and profit, it becomes a problem.

You are very lucky to be able to do what you do. 2 hours of work, doing something you think is also important to do and making more than enough to live off of, I'm sure lots of us would totally go for that if it was available.

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