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We’re gonna need a bigger boat 6 7, 3:38pm

I often question today's idea of success.
For some reason its consider crazy to like and want just a simple life. Its automatically associated with poor or lazy. But that's wrong. A simple life means you are happy with out luxury items. You found out what you want and need to be happy, and don't want anything more because you don't see the need for it, and trying to get more its pointless/tiring for you.
We live life in such a rush, work so hard, and often realise too late „Oh, I'm not happy with how I spend so many years doing X. I wish I would had enjoyed the simple things more often."
Not saying its wrong to want more in life course. But I do think our current view of a simple life is wrong.
Success should not be based on how many things you own. It should be based on how happy you are with your life.

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