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We’re gonna need a bigger boat 8 7, 4:08pm

@lll111lll I got my figures from wikipedia: Federal budget and GDP are different things, don't forget USA is a federal state and local states are in charge of most of the budget devoted to education, healthcare... The federal state is mostly in charge of defense so it's not really a surprise to see that a big part of its budget is devoted to military.
But don't think I don't agree with you, I was just saying that though the american spendings on military might seem extravagant when compared to other countries, it was mostly due to the fact that USA's GDP is really big compared to other countries and was an easy scapegoat which doesn't mean I would defend them spending that much on military nor not spending on important things like healthcare or education.

Also I always find it a little unsettling when champions of capitalism and liberalism like Sweden or Germany are critical of USA's healthcare situation while completely supporting the EU which has been pushing Europe in that same ultra-liberal direction for decades now (austerity and all that Jazz). I guess we have it a little better over europe, but don't brag too much, it's going to get way worse in the near future...

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