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We’re gonna need a bigger boat 8 7, 5:00pm

@MagicRooster Thinking that you can solve that problem by appealing to the consumers while everywhere role models are having the best house, the best boats, the best everything is just naïve. What the world needs is a dramatic change throughout all of society not just conveniently putting the blame on people because they are not consuming the right way... Sure before undergoing that dramatic change, people need to be aware that they are going to have less, that they won't be able to get whatever they want whenever they want. BUT this is not by blaming consumers that you'll get that change. It's like everything in society is made to make people over-consume (plastic everywhere in mass distribution, labeling of products poorly made to identify how it's been made and how you should recycle it, planned obsolescence, publicity and role models that push everyone to work more in order to consume more, no real scientific guidelines on what you should really do on a personnal level to make things better for the world...) but you are trying to blame the guy who just does what everything in society pushes him to do.
Even at a political level, PIB and growth are emphasized as the most important things to preserve. But this is just hypocritical: if people were really going to stop consuming, it wouldn't matter what enterprises do, PIB would fall and growth would stop. Thinking things will change because most consumers would sudenly change their ways while nothing is done about the rest is at best naïve, at worse hypocritical (as the comrade Jean Luc would say)

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