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We’re gonna need a bigger boat 8 7, 10:11pm


1) Yes, the MIC is a problem, but it's been a problem since long before the US existed.
2) If China can't invade the US, it can't invade Europe. It's not going to have the capability of marching tens of millions of troops through a half dozen countries without pissing them off so badly that the supply chains are under constant attack. If an attack occurs, it's by sea.
3) China doesn't need a navy to invade, it needs a navy to protect the invasion. It needs transport and cargo ships, of which it has a flotilla. But once a first strike occurs, the US navy and airforce will make short work of both the Chinese navy and transport capabilities, and any soldiers stuck in California are going to have a very bad time.
4) Funny that you mention D-K, considering that you apparently know absolutely nothing about the Pacific theater of WWII. I would suggest you read "The Rape of Nanking", or just google "Comfort Women".

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