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My Little Pony 24 7, 9:15am


Seems so. From about the 1930s onward, horses gradually became less a common work animal (pulling carts, transportation, etc) and more like "pets" for horse riding enthusiasts, sport equestrians, and other more finge-ish entertainment uses (as opposed to something you need to ride downtown to get your evening's groceries... we have cars for that now! ;) ). What's key here is that there are far FEWER horses needed in a country to keep aristocrats' snobby kids in riding lessons, than 100+ years ago when the horse was the normal means of transportation for everyone else.

When horses were abundant, (and even now that they aren't) they eventually die, and then you're left with 500lbs of meat lying on the ground. Considering how often Europe battled with famines, NOT butchering that very large animal's caucus would have been incredibly wasteful (even if they were never bred entirely for food, like pigs and cattle). In modern times, food is abundant in 1st World countries, and the only horses still around are the ones people train up as "pets" (or sport animals, whatever) which they put a lot of time and effort into training, maintaining, etc... A horse isn't just a 19th century "car" to them; they're much more emotionally attached (and they certainly don't NEED them as food anymore).

So, while horse meat may not be illegal, the attitude of most of the population towards horses in the modern era is that they're far too rare and valuable (and likeable) to eat. I don't think of dogs or cats as a potential food source... but then I've never been hungry enough to consider is seriously. :P

Prince Harry & Megan... man, I haven't heard a word out of them since Covid-19 started dominating the news half a year ago...
Let me see what I can dig up...

FEB-27: Canada has been providing RCMP officers for the Royal couple's security free of charge, but with them stepping away from their Royal duties, Canada announced that it will withdraw the officers (within a few weeks of giving notice). Looking after British royals while they visit is a courtesy we've always provided to our parent country's symbolic powerless figureheads (^_-) but if they're no longer royals, then they're just a young couple who is plenty wealthy enough to hire their own private security.

MARCH-27: Megan and Harry, who had seemed to settle in Vancouver (BC, Canada). Pulled up stakes and flew to Los Angeles (California, USA) which is Megan's home state. There was speculation that the Corona virus motivated the move... (although I'm not sure why. The USA hasn't handled the pandemic nearly so well, which I think was apparent even then.)
Megan's mother is around, and there's a new baby Archie whom they might want to spend time with his grandma, which would have been impossible after the border was sealed, so that probably had more to do with it. Supposedly they're buttoned up in a "secluded bunker" to avoid covid-19 even in the dropping-every-ball USA.
(Not sure how much credit I should give that article... it's pretty speculative).

...Aaaaand that's about it for recent mentions. Presumably they're still keeping isolated.