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My Little Pony 25 7, 7:51am


Yes, I imagine horse meat IS healthier than cow meat; they tend to be both better fed and exercised. That it tastes like beef doesn't surprise me either; they're warm-blooded animals of nearly the same size.

...That is a very fancy plate and presentation for a dead rat (or so I'm assuming). O_o

Oh, one more thing: I'd started saying above that it was significant that there are much FEWER horses around now, but didn't really complete the thought. Even if there are much fewer, sport/pet purposed horses in a country, there still are SOME, and they still die eventually, leaving 200-400lbs of meat behind. It makes sense to sell the horse's corpse to a specialty butcher who can make use of the meat, and then provide it to the relatively few horsemeat enthusiasts who don't cringe at the thought of eating a horse. Think about it; what ELSE can you do with a 500lb dead animal? Bury it? You'd need a forklift... and a very big graveyard. I know in the USA, there are a small number of veterinary hospitals that have a crematorium large enough to cremate a horse... which costs the owner a big chunk of change, vs the butcher who will pay YOU a big chunk of change... but I guess that's what you have to do if selling horsemeat is illegal in a country where some people play dress up all day long like movie cowboys. (I mean, I guess if it makes them happy, God bless them, but I'd really like them to acknowledge that if I showed up for work dressed like Batman, it would be the exact same thing. :P )