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My Little Pony 25 7, 4:27pm

@Hinoron That fancy dead rat is very popular in Peru, they called it "Cuy". And I don't have any curiousity to try it :XD:

Think about it; what
ELSE can you do with a
500lb dead animal?
Bury it? You'd need a
forklift... and a very
big graveyard. I know
in the USA, there are a
small number of
veterinary hospitals
that have a
crematorium large
enough to cremate a
horse... which costs
the owner a big chunk
of change, vs the
butcher who will pay
YOU a big chunk of

Well... after thinking about it, hmmm... It's better if i buy a car with 769 horsepower(573 kW) like Ferrari, than the real horse that I don't know what to do with the body when they die :yes: so... I can't answear that question :no:

if I
showed up for work
dressed like Batman,
it would be the exact
same thing. :P

I get that cowboys ride a horse, but... Batman don't have any horse :XD: and don't worry... you still can wear your Batman costum at work on Halloween and also rent a horse besides the Batmobile :yes: or maybe... are you the real Batman? Pssttt... I won't tell anyone :atroll: