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Happy Birthday Switzerland 2 8, 9:26pm

since I can't edit: Switzerland ignoring drama since 1920 should say "Switzerland ignoring drama since 1815" because 1815 was when Switzerland established it's neutrality, 1920 was when other countries aka league of nations recognized it's neutrality

I typed in "When did Switzerland become neutral" in Google and the first thing to show up was 1920 but I should have done more research than that because I knew it had to be longer than 1920

also, I have some color edits I want to fix but since it's not August 1st anymore I just have to let it be

also, I want "Switzerland ignoring drama since 1815" on a shirt

edit I made the design on a website but I'm not gonna order/make it so I just gyazo the design

anyway here's what I made