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Old habits die hard 16 8, 3:51pm

@CorruptUser ........... I don't think a lack of wives is what drives people to join terrorist groups xD If that was the case we'd be knee high in Chinese terrorists. Also, while polygyny might be legal in those countries, I severly doubt that it's a wide spread practice. Some people probably does it, but it seems pretty obvious that most people in the Middle East are in monogamous relationship - having several wives would probably be waaaaaaaaaay to expensive to most middle class and lower class people.
Also, you write 'send the extra men somewhere else to cause trouble' and that 'as long as they're somewhere else and not home, Saudi Arabia etc. won't care', but then you also write 'a few of those wife-lacking men end up joining the Taliban, etc.' ...... so wouldn't that mean that the majority of the men without wives stay in their home country? Sooo ... they're not somewhere else. They're at home. In Saudi Arabia or whatever. Being a problem there.