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Old habits die hard 16 8, 9:50pm


1) China does have a horrendous problem in the countryside, with gangs of men causing trouble. They don't join terrorist groups but they are an internal crisis that you don't hear a lot about, 'cause China. China has been turning a blind eye to sex trafficking from North Korea as a result, i.e., Korean women pay smugglers to get to the South, but end up being kidnapped and sold as "brides" to Chinese families. It's actually much, much more horrific if you realize that the vast majority of Uighurs in "reeducation camps" that absolutely don't exist are men, and Chinese men are living in the Uighur homes with the Uighur women "encouraged" to marry Chinese.
2) The latest stats show that half a million Saudi men have more than one wife, in a country with a grand total of 30 or so million people. That's... a pretty common thing, and it really doesn't take too many men having multiple wives to ensure there's a huge chunk of the men who can't have ANY wives, especially more when you consider that KSA imports lots of men to do all the actual work
3) The men go to other countries, but don't always join terrorist groups. Remember, "Jihad" is not exclusively a violent action, more often it's the Islamic version of The Salvation Army or other missionary work. It's only "Jihad of the Sword" that Westerners are familiar with. However, it's not uncommon for those men to marry locals.
4) Many of the men marry wives from other countries. Remember, the Saudis are filthy rich in a country that's basically socialist, so long as you ignore the millions of pseudo-slaves that are imported to do all the actual work.