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Old habits die hard 20 8, 1:03am

If a couple is incestuous, then it should be illegal to have kid, IE anyone who is a married/partnered with in whatever way incestuous couple both should be snipped and tied respectively.
If it's a gay incest then it doesn't matter at all.

You are also far less likely to have issues with cousins than with mom/dad or brother/sister so much so that some cousins are more genetically diverse than a total stranger in the same racial/regional area that you may meet.

It's fascinating how we knee-jerk react to thing rather than think about them and what consequences they have and how. However Humility's lovely post about facts saying that the extreme dislike or disgust vs not minding it at all is determined by the mothers genetic composition then it explains why for many it seems to be a split issue.

I still maintain that I don't care what anyone does as long as they aren't hurting anyone. This would also apply to other genetic risks like mental and physical health disorders that have medium to high risk of being passed to offspring. Since incest doesn't even have that high of a chance and as Tarmaque pointed out that the incest becomes an issue down the line when it continues rather than one instance of it I would say people are far more irresponsible if they have current genetically predicated issues mental and physical and still decide to have kids instead of adopt.

When you know your child will suffer from something you will have a very high chance if not absolutely will pass down, you are the gross one to me. But culture and morals are complete arbitrary nonsense and it's more okay for someone who has dwarfism, depression, eczema and a history of cancer in the family to have a kid, yet two related persons not having kids, but still being lovers, that's the real crime.