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Old habits die hard 20 8, 3:44pm


There are actually two reasons for incest to be unpopular/illegal. One of which has been mentioned and if humilities facts are accurate your probably right that there's no genetic harm if a couple in an incestuous relationship have no children.

However there's a moral reason for distrusting some types of incest as well. Relationships in a family are often unequal and it can be that one member, especially if they feel powerless may see they have no choice as to such a relationship. Especially if its a parent and child. This would occur even if the child is over the formal age of consent, especially if their been programmed from a young age. Sex with someone classified as a child is deemed illegal in most societies but if the target is a bit older but has been groomed for a prolonged period so they feel unable to disagree with the demands made on them is it any less immoral?

You often see a related issue in patriarchal societies as children, even when in their late teens or 20's often feel compelled to comply with demands of their parents - not always just their father - on how they behave, who they mix with and even who they marry.

Going a round about way of saying it but basically there are some forms of incest that should be at least frowned upon even if no children results and its not technically illegal on grounds of the age of one 'partner'.