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Say hello to your new roommate 27 8, 12:08am

I guess some of us look at it very differently.
My parents bought me my plot when I was around 5 or so. The local cemetery opened up a new section and the whole family bought plots together. Although my aunt went broke and had to sell 3 of her's so now we have some riffraff with us. But I find it kinda comforting to know where I will end up. Although the Cemetary on the other side of town is prettier.

There was a women who died back in the early 1800s here and her family buried her on this hill she requested to be buried on. Years latter the county decided to build a road and it went right over her grave. Her family wasn't to happy about it so her grandson camped on her grave with a shotgun threatening the road crew. The county relented and split the road around her grave rather than leveling the hill out and paving over it. 185 years later they wanted to widened the road and dig up her remains. People threw a fit about it and so while they dug up her and 6 other people who happened to be with her. They then put them back in new coffins where they found them and built the road around them but now it looks like a sidewalk with a plaque in the middle of a road instead of the large mound with a headstone in it so idiot flying down the road at night don't kill themselves. I guess we are serious on that forever stuff here.