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Baby Steps 12 9, 5:14pm

Sadly, not too much of a learning curve. :(

With less and less Americans turning to Christianity, the growing Progressive Movement, the BLM Protests they see as nothing but lawless riots, a the general acceptance of LGBT Rights by most Americans and (most of all) all the criticisms Christianity is getting, that Christians liken to "persecution worse then anything the Romans ever did", American Evangelicals see COVID-19 as the beginning of "The End Times" -- God's wrath for all the "sins" that is going on. The problem is that THEY don't see themselves as the Biblical Anti-Christs they fear, and as things progress, they could easily become violent fanatics no better than the Taliban and ISIL.

To them, any death and suffering they bring upon the world is worth it, as long as folks die as "Good Christians."