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Baby Steps 13 9, 8:34am

1) Even if they are anarchists dumbasses, as long as they are American anarchist dumbasses that, at the end of the day, are willing to risk their lives to protect me, I'll do the same for them regardless of how dumb they are
2) If we didn't protect the idiots, we'd literally have no one left. Everyone one of us was a dumbass teenager at some point, if you think you weren't a dumbass teen it's because you never improved since then.
3) They never got their "communist revolution" because the majority of Oregonians don't actually want it, hardly seems fair to punish the majority of Oregonians for the actions of a small few
4) Even if all of Oregon is commie-land, diseases don't give a crap about politics, and protecting Oregon from COVID is still protecting Montana, the Dakotas, etc etc.