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Baby Steps 13 9, 5:06pm


I saw people comparing the US with the EU.

The label on the US's graph disappeared behind Sweden, because they are too close, but the graph in red is the US.

Comparison per capita - as one always should do, when comparing countries of varying sizes.

Swedens numbers are obviously also included in the total for the European Union - I just posted them separately to show what one of the European outliers looks like.

In case of the UK it shouldn't be included in the total for the European Union by now, as they have officially left - but I'm not sure if they are or not here.

Anyway, the major point is that this chart clearly shows why Fauci and anyone else who knows how to read a proper chart is so worried about the US.

It's not even close to having "turned the corner" on covid-19, like Trump falsely claimed.

Instead the deaths are just accumulating.
The US recently passed Sweden in deaths from covid-19 per capita, and looks set to pass the UK soon enough.

It may well be the most badly effected country in the world - both in absolute and in per capita numbers, before the end of the year.