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Baby Steps 15 9, 3:41am

@Nisse_Hult Thanks for showing a proper comparison. I'm constantly seeing totals used to compare us to countries with a population a sixth of ours and it's not giving a realistic view of things so people ignore it. Seeing our numbers shoot up is much more helpful than the scare tactics they tried that only ended up numbing people to it. Right from the start they broadcast NYC, California and Washington as if it was the entire country so when nothing was happening around people they just brushed it off as either fake or not as bad as they said despite still being mostly isolated.

Number of people actually tested is rather low still. We could have many more cases and not know it. Right now, I don't know anyone who has had it and I only know of a few who were tested. Closest it has come is couple clients had an employee with it. If testing was mandatory or at least freely available to those who want it, I might know a number of people with it. Oh and one of those employees with it was told to self isolate by the hospital, no testing. Someone who suspected they had it wasn't allowed to test for it. That was 1 less not counted. <_<

Oh and each state handled things differently, so including the whole country is a bit inaccurate. Some states, like mine (OR), started informing people quickly. We'd actually be doing rather well if they had also informed the illegal populations who tend to be isolated (you'd think a sanctuary state would think to do that). Other states didn't bother informing people, I remember quite far into covid reading a comment from... I think it was Alabama?... the person didn't even know the basics. We'd already had months of commercials, signs and Governor speaches talking about it and orders issued. So some state just knew there was a disease and thought of it like the flu because even with today's tech people can still be unerinformed. Then places like NYC dropped the ball entirely, then blamed the president for it and further dropped the ball allowing their population to leave the state after the stay at home order infecting much of the country as they took that as a free vacation order. <_< It's a madhouse, but yeah each state is different and it is just now really getting deep into the denial states so I have no doubt numbers will keep going up. I'd actually like to see a per state chart to see how we are doing (using per capita, not totals of course).

BTW why do people think Trump should be listened too? By now everyone should know to ignore the stream of gibberish coming out of him. He's no politician who thinks and plans before speaking. He's still just a spoiled rich kid and Hollywood celeb spouting what he feels like on twitter. He's basically only there because the two parties have locked the system to only get one or the other and the other chose a crook so we chose the clown. Seems we have similar options this Nov too. The Clown or the Dementia patient. Part of me wants him to be re-elected so maybe people actually start to consider ditching both parties. It's ridiculous people still have the mentality that not voting for either is throwing away your vote or worse voting for the other side (was told to vote Biden or I'd be casting my vote for Trump).