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Baby Steps 15 9, 10:47pm

@MiskisM It was a bit of both. He publicly asked during a press conference if injecting bleach into people would cure them, or at least help treat them. The man is an ignoramus.

The blood plasma thing is real, actually. The idea is to harvest blood plasma from people who have recovered from the disease and put it into people who have the disease. Blood plasma has the antibodies in it that the body develops to fight a specific disease. It is not a cure, but it can (under certain circumstances) be therapeutically helpful. Giving someone who's very sick a unit of blood plasma with the antibodies in it can help them survive long enough for their own immune system to start working against the virus. However it's not a cure, and there isn't enough of the right kind of blood plasma around to really make it a viable treatment for the whole population. The technique has been around for over a century.

Trump heard about it, and in his dementia addled brain it became his next "miracle cure." Everything he said about it just highlighted his utter lack of understanding.