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Baby Steps 23 9, 11:44pm

@Steeeve ,
Another factor, that is overlooked even by this, is population density. I live in a state that is pretty socially isolated by default. In New York, most of the population lives in one big, crowded, metropolis. So, it'd be better to somehow norm it by expressed population density, too. That is, count someone who has 0.1 close neighbors as ranking higher than someone who has 10 close neighbors...sharing the same hall, and ten times that sharing the elevator.
Which is a roundabout way of saying those of us in flyover country should be doing MUCH better than we currently are.

Edit. I changed a word for its antonym. A person who gets sick, but has only 0.1 close neighbors should count for MORE than a person who gets sick while living in dense urban housing. I knew what I intended to convey, but that's not how it read.