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Baby Steps 24 9, 12:25am

If for no other reason, Trumps apparent inability to let experts talk and keep his own mouth shut on things which he has only a passing understanding of, has probably caused much of the issues regarding proper hygiene and isolation.

Further, he has effected some policies with an eye toward optics, rather than public health: Not wanting more testing, because it "makes us look bad", for instance. In this way, America, as a whole, is has become that guy who comes to work with a Dayquil bottle in his pocket because to call in sick might endanger his annual bonus.

I'm not saying he deserves all the blame; he doesn't, but he's not helping by doing what he is doing.

Oh, and there is a strong correlation between population density and politics. That is to say, the rural areas tend to be more (American) Conservative, while the urban areas trend more (American) Liberal. I believe that population density is a far more important factor in rates of infection than whether or not the person in the governors office has a 'D' or an 'R' beside his or her name.