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I for one... 27 9, 1:33am

@VeryCreativeName Generally has been signs he's trying to reduce the representation of the left[by attacking mail in voters while encouraging his followers to run out in person rather than staying safe] and notes of him wanting to stack the supreme court with republican members[which, isn't as useful as he thinks, unless he's hoping to make democrats give up and go home and rally his own voters. It's more likely to make his supporters complacent that it's in the bag and galvanize the left that he's doing it, and in both cases the supreme court is an end of career. They can't be voted out or replaced, it's resignation or death, and their word is equivalent to the constitution in authority. They could say the sky is purple and neither congress nor the president can technically deny it, just file a case to overturn it. It's why the supreme court despite republican majority has mostly voted against trump-party lines exist for paper not votes there, it's all their personal views of how the law reads].

Generally trying to invite a civil war or revolt could work given that a lot of his supporters will potentially take up arms in support of him, but I doubt he'll be able to sell the military on full backing him at this point and likely will thus lack the trained firepower to properly win. Generally while a lot of weird and potent guns are in the publics hands, acquiring enough bullets or for that matter knowing how to shoot straight in a gun fight isn't something random civies can do. So generally anyone not part of a "militia" will likely be wasteful with ammo and unable to deal with a propper fire fight and potentially have weapons that dont deal well with panicing when allies are nearby.