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I for one... 30 9, 3:45pm

@Steeeve well for one thing it's rarely ever one 9or even a small number) of scientists who do anything important in isolation. Normally it takes hundreds of them to make advancements that change the way we live, which doesn't lend itself to hero worship at all.

I'd also point out that plenty of scientists ARE famous and considered celebrities, though they are often those who are best able to get ideas across and connect with people through teaching rather than those making the actual discoveries, then there are rarer examples like Stephen Hawking.

And finally just because acting/sport doesn't require the same level of intelligence doesn't mean it is not important. In fact studies by those intelligent scientist you are (rightly) lauding have pointed out time and again the impact that art and sport can have on the mental health of people around the world. So unless you are suggesting that they are wrong then we need the people who you call "idiots" as well.