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Baby Steps 1 10, 12:58am

And 7 days, a week later, the US just passed the UK in covid-19 deaths per capita.

It took the US less then 20 days to increase it's death per capita to pass Sweden, Italy and now UK - and there is no sight of any levelling-off of the increase.

(I added Italy in this chart as well, since the US passed them right after Sweden, but I didn't mention it before)

To any US voter who reads this - if you ignore everything else about Trump (which you really shouldn't) - this is the only thing you need to know:

There is absolutely no reason why the US should see a steady increase of deaths from covid-19 like this.
The only reason it nonetheless does is Trump and his utter incompetence.

He, and the republicans who support him, are simply killing their own citizens with their disastrous mishandling of the pandemic.

Voting for him is truly like the citizens of Pompeii voting for the volcano.


EDIT: Since I posted this, Trump himself got infected and is now in hospital. He'll probably be just fine, since he'll have access to the best possible care (he's already been given an experimental treatment not available to most other Americans).
But while he'll probably be fine, thousands of others will die because of his incompetence.

Some of them he might even end up infecting personally, as he went to a fundraiser while he KNEW ha was infected - but before he was sick enough to be forced to go to hospital.

The man is an idiot, a fool - and he's quite literally killing his own people.

And the US death rate of course just keeps climbing.