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Baby Steps 12 10, 9:41am

@Nisse_Hult The Worst part even after getting Covid-19 himself, TRUMP is still downplaying it and saying "I'm doing such a great job" (he didn't actually say that) hell he made FUN of Biden for wearing a mask when I might have been infected during the presidential debate, oh and he refuses to do an online virtual debate with Biden, both Biden and Trump are in their mid to late 70s so they are in great risk if they get COVID-19 but Trump having money, and being the president has great healthcare and thinks "I survive this so others can too" even though 200,000 and counting Americans have already died and not all of them were even senior citizens like he is

oh you wanna know the worst part that really pisses me off Trump the liar in chief order congress to STOP stimulus bill until after he WINS re-election, I don't personally need it but their millions of Americans that do and Trump is refusing to help them unless he wins again, which just proves to show Trump does not care about Americans he only cares about himself and winning,

well his threat isn't working and he is behind in Biden in all the polls, and even those who have voted or supported him in past are turning away from him

I know he will lose the popular vote AGAIN but I don't trust the Electoral College, but I really hope he loses bot the popular vote and the Electoral College especially the latter cause only the Electoral College matters in the election.

I hate the Electoral Collage...