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Shoes on shoes off 16 10, 9:16am

When I grew up, the kitchen was pretty much the only room in the house without carpets, and even then there would be a small rug for a place where you had to stand for a length of time (like in front of the sink). These days, hardwood floors have become so popular, carpets are often only in bedrooms, if even there. Not only are they terrible for your excitable pets (who fall down every time they have to turn a corner) but they're pretty hard on your feet to be walking around all the time on such a hard, unforgiving surface. (And if you don't think so yet... wait until you're 40 and have gained some extra weight to put on those aging feet).
Most of my family has adapted by borrowing from Japanese customs: At the door is a rack for everyone's shoes, and we'll all wear slippers of some design (each person's preference... my mother likes her crocs! Ew!) inside the house. I don't think we've yet progressed to the civilized point of buying extra slippers for guests (though I've been in a physiotherapist's office that does) but we'll probably get there within a generation.