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The Circle of Beer 9 11, 7:56pm

@Hinoron @Rayati
Previous sources alleging plagiarism have been very unreliable regarding any comparisons. Truth is: there is hardly any similarity between the original series of Kimba and TLK. What similarity there is, is in very broad strokes. So broad in fact, that if we were to claim plagiarism on those points, every story written for the past several centuries would be a plagiarism on an older story.

As for the similarity of their names: Simba is Swahili for lion. Tezuka changed it to Kimba to make it easier on japanese audience.

Production on Jungle Emperor Leo, released 1997 (note that The Lion King released in 1994) began after the announcement of TLK. Many (if not most) comparison videos use footage from the 1997 Kimba movie, and it's no surprise they look similar, because JEL copied TLK.

See this video for an indepth analysis of the controversy with all available sources, including every Kimba related media and even the court documents available from the lawsuit:

And this one for a response from one of the biggest advocates claiming Disney copied Tezuka: