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New President 10 11, 2:56am

@Yeehaw00 We all know that our elections are always rigged, and most of russian people want the incumbent president to resign. But...*sigh...* Scary things happen when we try to go on a strike. Watch "омоновцы избивают людей на митингах", "Welcome to Belarus. It’s safer here" videos. Why Belarus? Both Putin and Lukashenko are dictators who will do EVERYTHING to stay in power.
If you don't want to lose your job, be poisoned (just like Alexey Navalny, he survived thanks to german doctors) and even be assassinated (Boris Nemtsov, rip 2015, our great opposition leader, was highly supported by people and could take Putin's place, for that thing was punished).
So, yeah. It's safer to be nice and pretend not to notice anything.