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Old habits die hard 1 12, 6:01pm

@Sisu That's patently not true if you've looked into studies regarding countries that did make drugs legal. In many cases, the rates of drug use, especially heavy and previously illegal dropped by a large margin, and in the cases of users, they were safer because the drugs were regulated to be of better and safer (as safe as cocaine and others can be considering their risks) which lead to less ER visits from bad quality.
It also lead to less spread of diseases by providing clean needles and recovery areas in bad events. This leads to not only a morally better avenue, but also a financial one. Less people going to the ER who can't afford it going to specialized places that deal with persons who still do hard drugs, get clean needles, etc.

Same with making incest legal as well. Any incest relationships that enter marriage or have kids would be regulated. Likely the couple would not be allowed to have kids, or would have extensive checks for probability of complication. Likely in the future we'll just have gene editing and it wouldn't matter anyway.