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Old habits die hard 1 12, 6:09pm

@stevep59 Ah, that's actually a really good point, in which case I would think that brother, sister relations might have less issues with power dynamics.
Age would always be a consideration as well.

I still vouch for it being legal and regulated, because if people are going to do it anyway, I'd rather have people educated and safer than otherwise. So things like power dynamics, especially parent to child, and age differences between siblings and cousins would all be considered in regards to an incestuous relationship.
However, none of those concerns are specifically incest related alone. We have moral "laws" for power dynamics and age differences already when it comes to relationships.
A good example being work place love or relations with your boss because of an inherent power dynamic.

Totally don't disagree with you though that those are definite concerns, just that they aren't unique to incest.