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Motherfu*king Nature 4 12, 2:03am

The Japanese honey-bee has an interesting defense mechanism against giant hornets. A hornet will scout out a hive to attack. The bees will lure the scout inside, and then 500 or so bees will dog-pile the thing. All the bees will vibrate as quickly as possible, raising the temperature of the ball to well over 100 degrees. The bees can survive slightly higher temperatures than the wasps, so the wasp is cooked while the bees survive. The wasp manages to kill a few of the bees in the ball (those jaws and stingers aren't just for show), but the colony survives. If the bees don't catch the wasps in time, a small army will show up and rip all the workers to shreds and there won't be enough bees to cook the hornets. From here, the hornets will gather all the bee larva to be devoured by their young.

So what you need to do if you see a giant hornet, just jump on top of it ASAP.